Our Vision: Safe workplaces, Great workplaces

While there may be times we wish they would, none of our people leave their emotions at the door when they come to work. And in a world that’s troubled and ever changing, where work-life balance seems an illusory dream, the quality of our working lives shapes profoundly the quality of our lives.

We also know from extensive research and observation that happy committed people given the chance to flourish at work, do a better job. They bust down doors, they embrace challenges. They care. They focus. They share their knowledge. They innovate.

Brash Consulting was founded in 1996 by organisational psychologist, Leanne Faraday-Brash. Our focus from the beginning has been on the dysfunctional and toxic right through to the high performing and elite.

Our organisational psychology practice has specialist expertise in leadership development, culture, change and workplace justice. We partner our clients and focus on the people stuff that represents the biggest threats to organisational success and the best opportunities for all to flourish. We coach to re-ignite passion. We work to diffuse anger. We grow emotionally intelligent and empathic leaders which in turn encourage talented people to stay longer. We coach teams to devise shared goals and confront psychological resistance borne of fear that gets in the way of achievement and cohesion. Optimistic, engaged and resilient people produce more. Those who feel unsafe, angry, cynical or ‘stuck’ do not.

We agree with Peter Drucker who said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

Contact us and let’s chat about what we can do to help you foster a safe place to work, a great place to work.

Vulture Cultures


Find out all about VULTURE CULTURES, the book by Leanne Faraday-Brash.


Leanne's feature article in CEO Magazine and the book reviews in Charter Magazine and Management Today Magazine at VULTURE CULTURES


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